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Meet your new favorite dog towel.  This towels super absorbent waffle-weave microfiber soaks up 7x its weight in moisture, making it one of the best ways to dry your dog after a swim, bath, or winter playtime. The excellent absorbent features of this towel actually pull water from your dogs coat and lock it right into the fibers of the towel for a no drip solution.  This amazing towel is also quick drying so once you are done using it on your dog, hang it to dry, and the next time you need it, it will be ready to go. Fold it up very compact, and take it on all of your adventures.

Features include:

  • Super absorbent!  Absorbs 7x its weight in moisture making drying your pet fast and easy.
  • Perfect oversized towel measuring 30”X 45” perfect size, big enough to dry any breed.
  • Lightweight, thin design makes it easy to store, travel with, and quick to dry.
  • Beautiful double sided design that is fun to display, but also very functional.
  • Machine washable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elizabeth Schiller
Love The dog towel.

it’s a Christmas gift. The one I have for my puppy is great. He comes in from the rain and waits for us to wrap him up in it and dry him off. Whereas the towel he would bite at.

Dena Constantine
Best doggie dryer on the market!

This towel is a great size - and perfect for wet Seattle doggies! Love how much moisture this can hold - and not drip on my floor. It also dries out really fast - which is great because I have 3 puppers and they go outside a LOT!
Buy one - you won't be disappointed!

Suzanne Means
Pup sicles

These are so nice! Very big and worthy of bath time with our fur babies! So cute too!!


This dog towel is amazing!! My baby loves to play in the water outside. I dry her off with this towel and she is all but dry… just a little damp. It soaks up the water. Just hang to dry and it’ll be ready for the next time. Can’t recommend this enough!! 💕 Worth every dime!

My new favorite thing!

I love this dog towel! I actually just gave the dog a bath for the first time since getting it a few weeks ago because my 12 year old daughter wanted to test it out first and loved it so much she’s taken over bath duty.
I just finished using it and I can’t believe how absorbent it is! It felt just damp after drying off my Shorkie and no dripping from the towel or the dog! Usually the towels we use are sopping!
It dried so fast that I don’t feel like I need to wash it before she gets another bath or runs around in the sprinklers. And it’s so cute hanging on the back of the bathroom door.
This is a must for the dog lover in your life!!!